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NCVF Code of Conduct

National Collegiate Volleyball Federation Code of Conduct - Effective September 1, 2009 


1.  Introduction


1.1            The purpose of the NCVF Code of Conduct is to describe expected behavior fo


1.2             Players enrolled at a university/college assume a duty to conduct themselves and their team in a manner compatible with their school’s purpose as a post-secondary educational institution.  Players are expected to act in a mature and responsible manner when participating in all NCVF Events.  By participating in NCVF Events, participants acknowledge that they are ambassadors to the sport of volleyball, both on and off the court.  Participants, therefore, will abide by the highest sportsmanship and ethical standards of conduct.  Any reports (e.g. from other teams, law enforcement, and/or hotel management) of activities that reflect negatively upon the NCVF may result in sanctions or other appropriate actions as described below.  When participating in any NCVF Event, players and teams must comply with all applicable policies, rules and regulations set forth by their schools, leagues, conferences and the NCVF. 


1.3               All teams shall designate a Team Representative who shall be responsible to timely communicate all NCVF Code of Conduct related matters to their teams, players and applicable participants, and to all NCVF recognized commissioners, player representatives, school officials and others.


1.4              All participants will conduct themselves with honor and dignity.  This includes playing volleyball for the game’s sake, being gracious in a win or loss, working for the good of the team, and applauding the efforts of teammates and opponents. 


Questions concerning this Code and its applicability should be addressed to the NCVF Compliance Committee at


2.  The Code 


2.1             Participants will not:


a.      Consume, distribute, or possess alcohol while participating in any NCVF Event.  State laws prohibit the use of alcohol by anyone under the age of twenty-one.

b.      Attend any NCVF Event while intoxicated.  

c.      Consume, distribute, or possess drugs that are a violation of federal or state laws.  Any person found in violation may be subject to prosecution by law enforcement. 

d.      Inappropriately taunt or physically confront any participant or other person at an NCVF Event. 

e.      Damage or destroy any facilities or personal property of others at an NCVF Event.

f.       Violate any NCVF rule or policy.

g.     Violate facility or hotel rules or policies. 

h.      Violate any federal, state, or local laws while at an NCVF Event.

i.        Engage in any behavior that violates school policies while at an NCVF Event.

j.        Fail to timely communicate with or cooperate with any NCVF related investigation, review or effort to address any potential or actual violation of this Code.


2.2            Team representatives assume responsibility to monitor player conduct, both on and off the court at NCVF Events, and to ensure that the Code’s prohibitions against alcohol and drug use are upheld. 


2.3            Participants are expected to behave in an orderly, dignified manner throughout any NCVF Event. 


2.4            Players will abide by USAV rules (Domestic Competition Regulations) regarding court conduct. 


2.5            It is the responsibility of the team representative to review this Code with his/her team and participants.  Each team also assumes responsibility to orient all participants with applicable conduct standards regarding all NCVF Events. 


2.6            By participating, participants acknowledge that there are inherent risks associated with attending or playing in an NCVF Event, including but not limited to risk of injury, including bone, muscular or nerve damage, loss of or damage to personal property and other potential losses or damages.  Participants assume liability for injuries or damages in connection with their individual or joint participation in any NCVF Event.


 3.  Violations


3.1            Participants that fail to abide by this Code are subject to disciplinary action/sanctions, in accord with the procedures described in this Code. 

3.1.1    The disciplinary action/sanctions that the offender and/or the offender’s team may be subject to include, but are not limited to:

a.             Forfeiting sets and/or matches;

b.            Denying awards that recognize team or player achievements;

c.             Imposing monetary fines;

d.            Notifying the university/college;

e.             Receiving probationary status;

f.             Prohibiting entry into subsequent NCVF events;

g.            Suspension from NCVF recognized league or conference play;

h.            Denial of entry into one or more NCVF Events

i.              Other appropriate actions or sanctions.


3.2           Anyone may provide notice of a suspected violation of this Code by notifying the NCVF Compliance Committee of the circumstances giving rise to the suspected violation.  The notice shall be sent to  The Committee shall use reasonable efforts to notify all applicable participants and other interested parties should it proceed with issuing a disciplinary action/sanction, as provided below.


3.3            The NCVF Compliance Committee will determine and render any appropriate participant sanction or other action.  The Committee will provide notice to the offending participant and team representative of the action or sanction, and others as it deems appropriate.  Participants shall have an opportunity to request a review of the action or sanction so long as the request is made within ten days and forwarded to the NCVF Compliance Committee at 


3.4            The NCVF Compliance Committee shall have discretion to effectuate sanctions or take other Code of Conduct compliance actions at the NCVF National Collegiate Club Championship Tournament that may not be subject to review if, in the discretion of the NCVF Compliance Committee and Director of Competition, a review would cause delay or otherwise hinder effective administration of the Championship Tournament.


Edited by the NCVF Compliance Committee & Officially approved and adopted by the NCVF, Effective 09/01/09           Copyright © 2009-2012 by the NCVF