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01/10/10 - 2010 California Invitational

1st PlaceCal - Gold
2nd PlaceCS-Long Beach
3rd PlaceUC-Davis
4th PlaceUCLA
5th PlaceUC-San Diego
6th PlaceCS-Freson
7th PlaceCal - Blue
8th Place CS-Fullerton

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01/17/10 - Azusa Pacific Invitational Tournament

1st PlaceAthletes in Action I
2nd PlaceUSC I
3rd PlaceAzusa Pacific University
3rd PlaceAthletes in Action II
5th PlaceCS Fullerton
5th PlaceClaremont College
5th PlaceWestmont College
5th Place USC II

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01/22/10-01/23/10 - Utah Valley Invitational Tournament

 Finish of collegiate club teams

1st PlaceUtah Valley A
2nd PlaceUniversity of Utah A
3rd PlaceSalt Lake Community College
4thPlaceUtah Valley B
5th PlaceSouthern Utah
6th PlaceUniversity of Utah B

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01/31/10 - NECVL Marty Open Tournament

1st PlaceDartmouth
2nd PlaceThe Future
3rd PlaceUConn
3rd PlaceUNH
5th PlaceURI
5th PlaceBrandeis
5th PlaceNortheastern
5th Place Boston University

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02/2010 - Long Beach State Classic

1st PlaceUCLA
2nd PlaceCS - Fullerton
3rd PlaceSan Diego State A
4thPlaceArizona B
5th PlaceArizona State
5th PlaceAzusa Pacific
5th PlaceArizona A
5th PlaceLong Beach State Alumni

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02/06/2010 - Titletown Throwdown Gainsville Florida

1st PlaceDiogo (USAV)
2nd PlaceFlorida A
3rd PlaceFlorida B
3rd PlaceVolley Florida (USAV)
5th PlaceCentral Florida A
5th PlaceCentral Florida B
5th PlaceFlorida International
5th Place

Florida State

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02/20/2010 - Western Illinois Cornfield Classic

1st PlaceWIU Alumni
2nd PlaceWestern Illinois
3rd PlaceU fo I - White
3rd PlaceSt. Ambrose
5th PlaceEastern Illinois
5th PlaceMorton
5th PlaceBradley
5th Place


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 02/21/2010  -  NECVL Season D2 @ Providence


Ist PlaceNortheastern
2nd PlaceUCONN
3rd PlaceProvidence
3rd PlaceBoston
OtherRoger WIlliams


  02/21/2010  -  NECVL Season D1 @ UNH


Ist PlaceBC
2nd PlaceUNH
3rd PlaceDartmouth
3rd PlaceBrown

 02/26/2010 - Hoosier Illini Classic

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
3rd Place
5th Place
5th Place
5th Place
5th Place


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02/26/2010  - Moutain West Championships  

Ist PlaceUtah Valley
2nd PlaceArizona State
3rd PlaceUNLV
4th PlaceNAU
5th PlaceArizona
5th PlaceSalt Lake CC.
7th PlaceColorado
7th PlaceUtah
9th PlaceAir Force
10th PlaceUtah Valley "B"
11th PlaceNorthern Colorado
11th PlaceUtah State
13th PlaceSouthern Utah
14th PlaceUtah "B"

 02/26/2010  - University of Miami

Ist PlaceMiami
2nd PlaceUSAV Team
3rd PlaceUSAV Team
3rd PlaceUSAV Team
OtherMiami "B"
OtherUSAV Team

02/27/2010  -  Billiken Showdown - St. Louis University 

1st PlaceSt. Ambrose JV
2nd PlaceMorton CC
3rd PlaceSIU Carbondale
3rd PlaceMissouri "B"
5th PlaceMissouri S&T
5th PlaceDePaul
5th PlaceWash-U -STL
5th PlaceIndiana State
OtherSt. Louis "B" 
OtherSIU Carbondale "B"
OtherMissouri S&T "B"
OtherJohn Brown Univ.


 02/27/2010  -  NECVL Season D2 @ Bates


1st PlaceMaine
2nd PlaceCCRI
3rd PlaceHoly Cross
3rd PlaceWilliams


 02/27/2010  -  NECVL Season D2 @ Bryant


1st PlaceBrandeis
2nd PlaceBryant
3rd PlaceFairfield
3rd PlaceWPI

 02/27/2010  - South Carolina   

1st PlaceUSAV Team
2nd PlaceCostal Carolina
3rd PlaceTennessee
4th PlaceUSAV Team
5th PlaceEmory
6th PlaceGeorgia
7th PlaceNorth Carolina
8th Place South Carolina
9th PlaceClemson
10th PlaceUSAV Team
11th PlaceSouth Carolina "B"


 03/06/2010  - Iowa Spring Challange  

1st PlaceMissouri
2nd PlaceOshkosh "B"
3rd PlaceCollege of DuPage
3rd PlaceUW-Whitewater
5th PlaceSt. Ambrose JV
5th PlaceUW- Eau Claire A
5th PlaceIowa "A"
5th PlaceProvidence (CAN)
 Silver 1st North Dakta State
 Silver 2nd Kansas
 Silver 3rd Bradly
 Silver 3rd Florida International
 Silver 5th Western Illinois
 Silver 5th Graceland JV
 Silver 5th UW- Stevens Point
 Silver 5th Nebraska

 Bronze 1st                Bethel
 Bronze 2ndUW- Eau Claire B
 Bronze 3rdSt. Olaf 
 Bronze 3rdCollege DuPage -B


 03/14/2010  - Wisconsin Volleyball Conference Finals

1st PlaceLakeland
2nd PlaceOshkosh
3rd PlaceUW-La Crosse
3rd PlaceUW-Whitewater
5th PlaceUW- Stevens Point
5th PlaceMarquette
5th PlaceUW-Platteville
5th PlaceUW-Stout
Consolation 1stUW- Stevens Point
Consolation 2ndUW-Stout
Consolation 3rdMarquette
Consolation 3rdUW-Platteville

JV 1st                      Oshkosh II
JV 2ndNorthland International  


 03/21/2010  - Las Vegas Open

1st PlaceOshkosh
2nd PlaceUtah Valley
3rd PlaceIllinois
4th PlaceCal
5th PlaceIllinois B
6th PlaceColorado
7th PlaceCal Poly
8th PlaceSDSU
9th Place Oshkosh B
10th PlaceTexas A%M
11th PlaceMichigan State
12th PlaceLong Beach State






All results must be submitted by the official tournament director or the commissioner/representative for the associated conference.   If you do not see results for your team for a particular event on the website, then they have not been submitted in the appropriate format to the NCVF. 
Conference Commissioners -
Complete and forward all conference related tournament and conference results in the Results Spreadsheet to be posted to the results page and to be considered for national polls.  Email to
All Tournament Directors -
Complete and forward all tournament results in the Results Spreadsheet to be posted to the results page and be considered for national polls.  Email to
Report all results in this Results Spreadsheet. 





10/03/2009 - Virginia Tech Fall Classic

1st PlaceVirginia Tech Alumni
2nd PlaceJames Madison
3rd PlaceVirginia Tech
3rd Place717 (USAV)
5th PlaceWest Virginia
5th PlaceVirginia Tech B

Full Results

10/10/2009 - 10th Annual Hoosier Fall Classic

1st PlaceIndiana A
2nd PlaceIllinois State A
3rd PlaceIllnois A
3rd PlaceIllnois B

Full Results

10/17/2009 - 10/18/2009 - 6th Annual Hawkeye-Illini Co Ed Invitational
1st PlaceIllinois
2nd PlaceMissouri
3rd PlaceClarke
3rd PlaceSt. Ambrose Navy
5th PlacePurdue
5th PlaceIowa
5th PlaceWisconsin
5th PlaceSt. Ambrose White

Full Results

10/17/2009 - Navy Spiketacular

1st PlaceGeorge Mason D1 Varsity A
2nd PlaceVirginia Tech Club
3rd PlaceNavy Club
3rd PlaceRamapo D3 Varsity A
5th PlaceMount Olive D3 Varsity
5th PlaceGeorge Mason D1 Varsity B

10/24/2009 - Northern Illinois University Fall Tournament

Ist PlaceIowa
2nd PlaceNIU Alumni Tony
3rd PlaceGrand Valley State
3rd PlaceCollege of Dupage
5th PlaceIllinois-Chicago
5th PlaceAir Force Academy
5th PlaceNIU Alumni Rob
5th Place


10/24/2009 - UCF Fall Classic
Ist PlaceIHA (USAV)
2nd PlaceFUBAR (USAV)
3rd PlaceUCF Black
3rd Place

UCF Gold

10/24 - 10/25 - 3rd Annual Derrick Beckner Memorial Tournament

1st PlaceJames Madison
2nd PlacePrestige Worldwide (USAV)
3rd PlaceMessiah
3rd PlaceJames Madison Alumni 
5th PlaceVirginia Tech A
5th Place Pittsburgh 
5th Place 

Aloha (USAV) 

5th PlaceArmy

10/31/2009 -  University of Pittsburgh Fall Tournament
Ist PlacePittsburgh A
2nd PlacePittsburgh Alumni
3rd PlacePenn State Behrand
3rd PlacePittsburgh B
5th PlaceSlippery Rock A
5th PlaceIUP A
7th PlaceIUP B
7th Place

Slippery Rock B

10/31/2009 - Golden Eagle Throwdown

Ist PlaceCollege of Dupage
2nd PlaceUW - Oshkosh B
3rd PlaceMarquette
3rd PlaceMarquette Alumni

11/07/2009 - Saint Louis University Billiken Fall Tournament

Ist PlaceCreighton
2nd PlaceSaint Louis A
3rd PlaceNebraska
3rd PlaceHannibal LaGrange
5th Place

SIU - Carbondale

5th PlaceMissouri S&T A
5th PlaceTruman State
5th Place

SIU - Edwardsville

11/07 - 11/08 - San Diego State Tournament

Ist PlaceUCSD
2nd PlaceNorthern Arizona
3rd PlaceCS Fullerton
3rd PlaceSan Diego State I
5th PlaceSan Diego State Alum
5th PlacePt Loma
5th Place


5th PlaceUSC I

Full Results

11/07/2009 - 10th Annual Blue Hen Fall Classic Results‏

Ist PlaceGroup Therapy(USAV)
2nd PlaceDelwaware Alumni
3rd PlaceDelaware A
3rd PlaceUConnecticut

11/14 - 11/15 - Michigan State Back to the Hardwood Classic


Division I

Ist PlaceVirginia Tech
2nd PlacePenn State
3rd PlaceCollege of DuPage
3rd PlaceBall State
5th PlaceCincinnati
5th PlaceIowa
5th Place


5th PlaceUW Wisconsin


Division II

Ist PlaceIndiana B
2nd PlaceMiami U -  B
3rd PlaceCollege of DuPage B
3rd PlaceOhio State B


Full Results

11/21 - UNC Fall Tournament

1st PlaceDuke
2nd PlaceNC State
3rd PlaceVirginia Commonwealth
3rd PlaceNorth Carolina 1
5th PlaceWilliam & Mary
5th Place South Carolina 1
5th Place 


5th PlaceNorth Carolina 2