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NCVF TEAM REGISTRATION SYSTEM WILL OPEN December 1, 2017 FOR THE 2017-2018 SEASON              


How do I register my team to become a member team of the NCVF?


Team captains will be able to register their team for the 2017-2018 season by logging in to the NCVF Registration system.


Team reps should update all team and player information online which will be utilized by all conference commissioners and tournament directors throughout the 2017-2018 competitive season to generate team rosters, verify player eligibility, and manage team/player information. In addition, all NCVF registered teams will also be able to take advantage of member discounts, gain access to email lists/list serve functions, tournament posting and results features, member rates for national tournament, and numerous other NCVF benefits.  Many teams that participate in conferences have their NCVF dues covered by the conference.  Please check with your commissioner before paying your registration fee online.


Team reps need to update the following information for the new season:

  1. Update team rep information with contacts for 2017-18 under the link “Add/ Update Coaches & Team Representatives

  2. Make sure you have indicated one primary contact for each team.

  3. Update Username/Password/Account Email as need for 2017-18 under the link “Manage Profile  (Teams should use a generic team email account that can be utilized from year to year rather than a personal email account that will expire when the student graduates)

  4. Update Roster with 2017-18 player information under the link “Add / Update / Print Roster
    • For returning players, you need to update the individual player information if it has changed.  This information is used for roster checks and programs, so make sure it is accurate.
    • You can archive players that are no longer with the team.– DO NOT TRY TO OVERWRITE the information or it will cause you more issues.

If you encounter issues during registration, you can email the registrar at We will get to the issues as quickly as possible.


NCVF Membership runs from December 1 - November 30 of each year. Currently registered teams will have access to all NCVF benefits through November 30.


The team registration membership fee is $50 until January 31, 2018.  Beginning February 1, 2018, the membership fee will be considered late registration and will increase to $75 per team. The registration fee for teams that are participating in most NCVF recognized leagues or conferences is covered as part of the conference membership fees. Please check with your league/conference commissioner to ensure that your conference does not cover your membership fee before you pay the NCVF Team Registration Fee Online. There will be a transaction fee associated with requests for refund due to duplicate payments. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Tournament Registration for the NCVF National Championship Tournament will not open until January 5, 2018. Teams who are NCVF members will receive a discounted entry fee for the event.


By registering with the NCVF and for the National Tournament, teams and players affirm that they will comply with all NCVF Governance Rules and standards.


The NCVF retains sole discretion to determine material compliance with all NCVF Governance Rules and Standards.