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How do I register my team to become a member team of the NCVF?

Team registration for NCVF Membership for the 2014-2015 competitive season is now available. Team captains will be able to register their team for the 2014-2015 season by logging in to the NCVF Registration system .  Please PRINT YOUR RECEIPT when you make payment as this cannot be retrieved for you after you close the browser.

Team reps should update all team and player information online which will be utilized by all conference commissioners and tournament directors throughout the 2014-2015 competitive season to generate team rosters, verify player eligibility, and manage team/player information. In addition, all NCVF registered teams will also be able to take advantage of member discounts, gain access to email lists/list serve functions, tournament posting and results features, member rates for national tournament, and numerous other NCVF benefits.  Many teams that participate in conferences have their NCVF dues covered by the conference.  Please check with your commissioner before paying your registration fee online.


Team reps need to ensure that they update the following information for the new season:


1.Update team rep information with contacts for 2015 àlink = Add/ Update Coaches & Team Representatives,Make sure you have indicated one primary contact for each team.

2.Update Username/Password/Account Email as need for 2015 à link = Manage Profile  (you should not use personal email but rather generic team emails that can be turned over from year to year)

3.Update Roster with 2015 player information à link =Add / Update / Print Roster.

a. For returning players, you need to update the individual player information if it has changed.  This information is used for roster checks and programs, so make sure it is accurate.

b. You can archive players that are no longer with the team.– DO NOT TRY TO OVERWRITE the information or it will cause you more issues.

4.If you encounter issues during registration, you can email the registrar at will get to the issues as quickly as possible.


NCVF Membership runs from November 1 - October 31 of each year. Currently registered teams will have access to all NCVF benefits through October 31.


All team accounts have been reset and users must setup new user accounts for 2015.  Due to security reasons, usernames/passwords are encrypted and not available for us to retrieve from the system. Keep track of these credentials when you setup your account.


The team registration membership fee is $50 until January 31, 2015.Beginning February 1, 2015, the membership fee will be considered late registration and will increase to $75 per team.The registration fee for most teams that are participating in an NCVF recognized leagues or conferences is covered as part of the conference membership fees. Please check with your league/conference commissioner to ensure that your conference does not cover your membership fee before you pay the NCVF Team Registration Fee Online. There will be a transaction fee associated with requests for refund due to duplicate payments. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Tournament Registration for the NCVF National Championship Tournament will not open until January 2015.Teams who are NCVF members will receive a discounted entry fee for the event.



By registering with the NCVF and for the National Tournament, teams and players affirm that they will comply with all NCVF Governance Rules and standards. The NCVF retains sole discretion to determine material compliance with all NCVF Governance Rulesand Standards.






    What are the benefits of being a part of the NCVF? 

    ·        The NCVF will strive to offer its expertise to support quality volleyball training and playing opportunities for collegiate club players of all levels and skills. It will strive to expand opportunities for both the traditional indoor game as well as the explosion of interest in beach volleyball. 

    ·        In cooperation with USA Volleyball, the NCVF will conduct the NCVF National Championship Collegiate Club Championship Tournament in April of each year

    ·        A collegiate sand tournament tour-season is being planned during the summer months of June - August, culminating with an NCVF National Collegiate Club Sand Doubles Championship Tournament during the month of September in Southern California.  Other formats of the outdoor game such as Triples and 4-person will be given consideration should student interest dictate. 

    ·        Additional significant NCVF benefits include:

    1.      Availability of a electronic mailing lists to help communicate and organize independent competitions such as match play, tournaments and coaching clinics;

    2.      The NCVF National Poll will continue to be conducted and publicized throughout the season of competitive play for Men’s Division I and II and Women’s Division I;

    3.      A national platform for results and other breaking news will remain in place by the NCVF for the next season;

    4.      The NCVF will continue to conduct its annual business meeting for commissioners and representatives from throughout the country and remain open to any NCVF member wishing to attend;

    5.      A national NCVF Registration System will be available for all NCVF teams to register. This allows the NCVF to access team rosters, and eligibility data for all tournaments, including the National Championship;

    6.      A Student Advisory Board is being assembled to assist in promoting the NCVF's primary mission and to provide an active voice for students who participate in club volleyball activities;

    7.      Best Practices are being developed for all those who operate NCVF recognized tournaments and conferences; Best Practices will help assure quality event management and help establish standards that are adaptable to student operated events. NCVF members who adopt these practices for their events will be identified as NCVF Recognized Events.

    8.      Seamless player and team eligibility rules will be published for season long and national championship play. These rules will be utilized by all NCVF teams and leagues and will not deviate from region to region or from event to event. Rule changes will be announced well in advance of the competitive season. 

    9.      A NCVF Hardship Procedure will be administered by the NCVF Compliance Committee and permit those aggrieved by eligibility or other appealable decisions to have a timely and respectful process to air their concerns and achieve resolution. 

    10.  NCVF Member teams will receive reduced entry into the NCVF National Championship Tournament and other NCVF sponsored activities and events.


How do I access NCVF benefits and become an NCVF Member? 

The NCVF will have an online Team Registration system this fall. Each team must register online in order to fully participate in season-long benefits and receive reduced fee entry to various NCVF recognized events.


Does it cost money to be a member of the NCVF? 

Each team pays a yearly $50.00 registration fee to become an NCVF member. 


How are these funds used? 

Funds are used to defray the costs of providing benefits throughout the season.   Most NCVF conferences for both men and women will be including this fee as part of its annual conference dues structure, eliminating the need for teams to make a separate payment.  Conferences will then be responsible to forward yearly team fees on to the NCVF. Independent teams (including the majority of women’s teams) and teams who do not have the $50 payment included in their league dues will be responsible to make payment on line when registering on the NCVF web site. 


Approximately half the funds collected will be used to pay for the creation and operation of the interactive web based team registration system that will benefit all registered teams, regardless of whether the team participates in the NCVF National Collegiate Club Tournament.   The other half of the funds will be used to pay for the NCVF’s year-long operating and benefit costs.    The NCVF yearly budget and a report detailing all yearly revenue and expenses will be available to all NCVF members and their respective school administrators. 


All registration fees collected by the NCVF will ONLY be used to support collegiate club volleyball.  The $50.00 registration fee amount was voted upon and approved by over 20 men’s and women’s club commissioners and player representatives at the June 2009 NCVF Annual Meeting (Chicago).