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WHO NEEDS TO ATTEND? If you are planning to attend the NCVF National Volleyball Championships this year and would like to compete in one of the top two divisions, then you should plan to attend at least one ranking tournament.  We are anticipating an additional 50 teams this year that did not attend the NCVF Championships last year. Since the women’s divisions were completely FULL last year, the additional teams make it extremely competitive this year to get into one of the top two divisions.  These divisions are determined by the ranking committee and the results from competitions throughout the year.  Teams that participate in these ranking tournaments will have a better chance at showcasing their abilities and working their way into the top caliber teams in the country to compete in the top two divisions of the National Tournament. If your team plans to compete in the lower divisions, then your attendance at a ranking tournament is not required, although you are free to attend and take advantage of the quality tournaments and competition.                                                         

HOW MANY DO WE NEED TO ATTEND? Just one is fine. Due to the anticipated outstanding competition, some teams will decide to attend multiple tournaments.  As long as you attend at least one, the ranking committee will be able to compare your results against other high caliber teams.                                         

HOW DO WE SIGN UP? Although the NCVF Women's Committee will oversee and be the independent Tournament Director for these events, you must sign up directly with the host school. Please see the NCVF web page at the link below and you will see a list of all of the Ranking Tournaments on the top of the page with contact info for each. Host schools are obligated to post a list of registered teams on their website and provide weekly updates. Some tournaments are already close to being full.  NCVF Ranking Tournaments -

CAN OUR "B" TEAM SIGN UP? The answer is both "yes" and "no". Priority entry for ALL Ranking Tournaments goes to "A" teams. If a tournament does not fill up all of its spots, then it is allowed to accept "B" teams to fill those remaining spots. So "B" teams can sign up for a spot, but they are at risk of being bumped out by an "A" team up until 2-3 weeks before the tournament. Once the tournament fills, then the last "B" team registered will have to forfeit their spot to accommodate registered “A” teams.

WHY THE HIGHER PRICE? These Ranking Tournaments have to adhere to a higher standard than your normal weekend tournament. The primary differences you will see is that there will be a Certified Officials for ALL matches and the tournaments will be run by an independent tournament director not associated with the host school. This is the level of professionalism that you have asked for and these ranking tournaments will deliver the quality competition and event management that you are all looking for.                                                              

WHEN SHOULD I SIGN UP? Stop reading this and sign up NOW! If you look at the websites of the ranking tournaments, you will see that some of them are almost full. They are all "First come, first serve". If you are an "A" team, then the host school must accept your registration as long as there is availability. So put yourself in the best position to play in the top divisions in Nationals and sign up IMMEDIATELY for a ranking tournament as they are filling up fast.   


If you have any questions, then feel free to contact Mike Jackson –