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NCVF Student Advisory Council

Josh Magid, Student/Player Chair, Brandeis University                                                                      
Chelsea Reilley, Student/Player Asst Chair, San Jose State University                                                                      

Team Presidents and Captains,

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is actively seeking participation, feedback and ideas from students who are on registered members of NCVF teams.  Because the Council has a direct voice to the governing body of the NCVF, student participation, either as a SAC council member or advisor, permits students to have a recognized voice to express concerns, generate ideas or provide suggestions within structure of the NCVF.  Issues impacting clubs, conferences, regions, the national championship, eligibility, beach, and club volleyball generally are all of vital concern to the SAC and NCVF.  Thus, the SAC is looking for students willing to participate ACTIVELY in dialouge (both via email and phone calls) and who are willing to make themselves available to help the SAC assemble student voices that fairly represent the full cross-section of those who partcipate in NCVF programs.
Participation provides an excellent leadership opportunity for students who have the time and energy to help out the club volleyball community.  Please contact us directly by email if you are interested in serving.