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My team is looking forward to being a part of the NCVF this year, including attending the National Tournament they are hosting. In partnering with USAV, I think they will provide a better experience at Nationals, while also putting the money that is earned back toward club volleyball and the sport in general. In addition, the NCVF will bring improved organization for collegiate clubs throughout the year. In the long run, I expect both Nationals, and club volleyball, to be much improved. I look forward to seeing everyone in Louisville! Josh Magid, Brandeis University Men's Volleyball
On behalf of the Michigan State University Men's Volleyball program, I endorse the great efforts that have been taken to move club volleyball in the right direction with the well being of the students and progression of the sport in mind. Jonathan Crepeau, Michgan State University Men's Volleyball
We're choosing NCVF over NIRSA so that the proceeds of the event go back into volleyball activities and USA volleyball, instead of going towards other NIRSA tournaments for other sports. Chris Diroll, University of Dayton Men's Volleyball
With the beginning of the NCVF club volleyball will be able to go to new heights! Having an organization that isn't concerned with money is key in a club sport's atmosphere where money is significantly limited. Matt Siefke, University of Cincinnati Men's Volleyball
Marquette University Womens Club volleyball wholeheartedly endorses the NCVF and supports all its efforts. We understand that the club season isn't just about the championship, but the the people that run the tournaments and do the rankings throughout the season. Its a long time coming and we would like to thank all the volunteers who made the last 13 years fun and successful. We are excited to attend the NCVF championship in Lousville! Molly Aikins MU Club President, Marquette University Women's Volleyball
Marquette University Endorses the NCVF. We look forward to a great season and excellent nationals experience at the NCFV tournament. Matthew Peters, Marquette University Men's Volleyball
NCVF > NIRSA Shaun Baze, Vice President, Virginia Tech Men's Volleyball
The University of Wisconsin men look forward to being a part of the NCVF - see you in Louisville! Greg Umhoefer, Club President, University of Wisconsin Men's Volleyball
Our team supports the NCVF because they are dedicated to furthering men’s and women’s volleyball across the nation. I am honored to be able to compete in a tournament organized by an organization solely dedicated to promoting the sport of volleyball. By attending the NCVF tournament in Louisville, we are supporting the advancement of the sport. I am proud to support the NCVF, and can’t want to compete against the best teams in the nation at the NCVF tournament in Louisville. Peter Kataras, Iowa State University Men's Volleyball
This is where everyone should be. Hope everyone can join us. Jung Park, Coach, University of Connecticut Men's Volleyball
The Indiana Men's Volleyball Club is excited for the opportunity to be affiliated with the NCVF. We believe this will be a good change for college club volleyball, and cannot wait for the season to start! Andrew McClure - President, Indiana University Men's Volleyball
The San Jose State University women's club volleyball team officially endorses the NCVF and the real National Championship in Kentucky. We also would like to thank NCVF for all of the hard work it has put into the rankings, leagues, and Nationals over the past ten years. Ashley Trant, San Jose State Women's Volleyball
Everyone that has helped with NIRSA Championship past 20 years are moving over to NCVF Club nationals. This event will provide the best avenue for collegiate club volleyball to continue growing. Hope to see everyone in 2010! Jung Park, Coach, University of Connecticut Women's Volleyball
After the hard work and effort, it is awesome to see that NCVF pulled this through. Now that NCVF has the most powerful vball partner in the world (USAV), collegiate club volleyball can use funds to improve the sport and assist in improving mens collegiate club volleyball. Congrats NCVF! see you in Kentucky. Rob Sabo, University of Iowa Men's Volleyball
At Ohio State, we are excited to work with a committed volleyball organization like the NCVF. Having a group that will be at arm's length whenever we need them will be very helpful, especially after having some communication issues with NIRSA last year. Doug Cherry, Ohio State University Men's Volleyball
We are committed to being part of the NCVF and have known the type of leadership the committee has had in the past. Thanks for all of your hard work. Both our Division I and Division III will be involved. Brian Schaefer / Head Coach, UW-Oshkosh Men's Volleyball
On behalf of the Ohio Northern University Men’s Club Volleyball Team, we would like to extend our support to the National Club Volleyball Federation (NCVF) as the host for the 2010 championship tournament in Louisville, KY. For many years now, NCVF has shown their dedication, hard work, and focus into expanding and strengthening collegiate club volleyball. NCVF’s years of experience along with dedication to the sport and partnership with USAvolleyball, the world leader in the sport, will help ensure the best possible tournament for all players, coaches, referees, administrators, and fans involved. NCVF has shown their sincere best interest for everyone involved in collegiate club volleyball, and for that we are thankful, as well as supportive and excited for NCVF to host the 2010 championship tournament. Joe Clarkson & Andrew Woodward: 2010 Captains, Ohio Northern University Men's Volleyball
Utah Valley looks forward to the great competition that will be in Louisville with the support of the NCVF and USA Volleyball. Bob Ward, Advisor, Utah Valley University Men's Volleyball
Lakeland intends to support the NCVF and all of its endeavors. It is exciting to be joining forces with USA Volleyball and all they mean to the growth of volleyball. Head Coach, Lakeland College Men's Volleyball
On Behalf of Southern Illinois University, I am glad to hear that greater efforts are going toward the movement of club volleyball in the right direction, which is the progression of the sport! Jimmy White President, Southern Illinois University Men's Volleyball
I'm impressed with the leadership and efforts put forth by the NCVF! I beleive they've taken club volleyball in the right direction and look forward to participating in this year's nationals! Keep up the good work! David Schraufnagel/Head Coach, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Women's Volleyball
The "V" in USAV and NCVF promises great things for college club Volleyball; two organizations whose complete and total focus is on our sport. Mark Swaya, Coach, Northern Illinois University Men's Volleyball
The Stanford team is looking forward to another great season, and to the NCVF championships. We appreciate the focus on our sport, and the cooperation of USA Volleyball. Theresa W. Carey / Head Coach, Stanford University Men's Volleyball
On behalf of the Santa Clara mens club volleyball team I would like to lend our support to the NCVF. They have the experience to run a great tournament and we at Santa Clara support them. David Sippel, club president, Santa Clara University Men's Volleyball
We are looking forward to the partnership between NCVF and USA Volleyball as both are committed to the sport of volleybal, the growth of the game and supporting student-athletes. While Dallas may be a "cool city" for nationals, USA Volleyball and NCVF will offer the best volleyball championships through the use of their equipment, their officials, and their experience conducting VOLLEYBALL National Championships for years. Ross Grippi, Baldwin-Wallace College Men's Volleyball
On behalf of the Women's Club Volleyball Team at Sonoma State, I endorse NCVF as the efforts to put the money back into the sport is the right direction for club volleyball to be taken. Amber Taylor, Club President, Sonoma State University Women's Volleyball
On behalf of the SCU women's club team, I wholeheartedly endorse the NCVF and its efforts in making volleyball more about the people and what we would like the sport to become. See you in Louisville! Jessica Scott, President, Santa Clara University Women's Volleyball
NCVF rocks!!!!! Brendan Ori- President, The University of Illinois Men's Volleyball
The NCVF has the support of the La Crosse men's volleyball club. We are looking forward to a great season and nationals this year in Louisville. Erik Neuens, University of Wisconsin La Crosse Men's Volleyball
The University of Iowa Women's Club volleyball team supports the NCVF and would like to thank all the people who spend so much time to allow us to continue to play competitive volleyball. Kim O'Brien/team Representative, University of Iowa Women's Volleyball
As a 1st year team we do not know much about the NCVF. But from reading different testimonies and what the NCVF does for its members, we have to support them back. We will be in Louisville, Kentucky in April! Rashad McCall/Club President, Monroe Community College Men's Volleyball
I am looking forward to knowing that the money we spend for nationals will actually go to volleyball and the betterment of the sport. Our team is excited for Louisville in 2010. Ryan Coyle, Bowling Green State University Men's Volleyball
Louisville is clearly the place to be for Nationals in 2010. The NCVF has our full support, and we look forward to a great experience! Mike Klimek, President , University of Illinois at Chicago Men's Volleyball
We look forward to competing at the NCVF National Tournament! Brett Stone/Captain, University of Nebraska Men's Volleyball
We look forward to supporting an organization that will allow us to help the sport grow at the university level as well as all levels in our country. Geronimo Chala, Florida International University Men's Volleyball
Our team is looking forward to be in collaboration with the NCVF during our season and Nationals this year in Louisville Kentucky! Nicholas LeMay/ President, Radford University Men's Volleyball
We are excited about the direction of the NCVF will be in Louisville to be a part of the National Tournament. The people that have made the national tournament successful over the past 25 years are the commissioners, along with the tournament founder. These are the people that have made this event so great, and now with the support of USA Volleyball, the NCVF will no doubt be the superior choice for a national championship. We are looking forward to the 2010 Championships! Jason Peters - Head Coach, Providence College (Canada) Men's Volleyball
SSU's Men's team will play at Louisville Nationals Jake Spain, Sonoma State University Men's Volleyball
I have read the materials and conducted my own research comparing and contrasting the NIRSA and the NCVF. I am happy to say that our program will follow our conference selection and proudly support the NCVF and all its endeavors for the betterment of this game and those who play it across our nation. James Patterson - Head Coach, Waynesburg University Men's Volleyball
As a coach and a national official who has worked previous championships, the group of individuals who make up NCVF are truly those who have established and successfully run those championships. There was never a question which tournament had the most success and passion for college volleyball. St Olaf Men's Volleyball will be a proud supporter of the NCVF Championships in Louisville in 2010! Ross Erickson, St Olaf College Men's Volleyball
I am very thankful to the NCVF for hosting a fantastic tournament this year(2010) It was very structured and It was the best nationals that I Have been to in my three years of playing college club volleyball. Can not wait until next year. Great Organization, UW Milwaukee Men's Volleyball
On behalf of Lindenwood Belleville, we are sad that we are not part of the NCVF anymore. It was a great experience to be part of and will be missed! NCVF > NAIA! Bryant Beykirch , Lindenwood Belleville Men's Volleyball