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 2015 - 2016 Season - Men                                                                                                               




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11/7/15- 11/8/15

UCLA$150NCVF Recognized Fellowship Event
Patrick Webb
11/7/15- 11/8/15Michigan State University $350/ $300NCVF Recognized Fellowship Event
Josh Shaw
 1/30/16UW- Oshkosh Invitational$100NCVF Recognized Regulation Event Brian Schaefer
2/13/16- 2/14/16UC- Davis "Far Westerns"$430NCVF Recognized Regulation EventMiles Cressy
2/27/16Saint Louis University$150/ $100NCVF Recognized Fellowship EventMatt Krzmarzick
3/5/16University of Nebraska- Omaha$100NCVF Recognized Fellowship EventDerrick Broekemier


 This tournament list is provided as a service only and is based on host submissions.  The NCVF classifies listed events based on host submissions and in accord with the general definitions found at
 Regardless of how a listing is classified, the NCVF is not endorsing any listed event or making any express or implied representation regarding the quality, safety or any other aspect of a listed event, and, may accept or reject any listing.

The NCVF reserves the right to consider results of any listed events for ranking and seeding purposes, in accord with the event classification definitions described on the NCVF website.