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NCVF National Tournament Registration Steps

The entry application represents a team's tournament entry which has been completed by the Team Representative through the NCVF Online Registration System.

Use the NCVF Tournament Registration System – :

Login with existing account/create new account

  1. Teams must register for NCVF and pay the $50 NCVF team dues prior to registering for the tournament if they wish to receive the NCVF member discount

  2. Complete/Update all team and player information on the NCVF regular season roster from the team rep menu before registering for the tournament. 

Tournament Registration –

  1. Enter your team into the event once you have completed all the team entry data (player and team information) by selecting the “National Registration” link and selecting the team you want to register.

  2. Complete the required team entry information and accept all conditions.

  3. If you only have one team to enter, select the “Create Invoice” button.  This will calculate the entry fee based on the memberships you have completed. 

Entry Fee Payment - Complete the payment - Payment Methods:

  1. PREFERRED - Credit Card Payments can be made online by clicking the Make Payment link under the Invoice Number ( There is a $30 processing fee.

  2. Checks are accepted but spots fill as payments are received.   We have had issues with checks from universities being much delayed and teams missing deadlines.   Make checks payable to: USA Volleyball.  On the Memo line of your check, PRINT the team name and division.  Staple the check to the entry form/invoice printed out from the website.

  3. Ship via UPS or FedEx, the completed Entry Form/Invoice with attached check to:

USA Volleyball National Office

Re: 2018 Collegiate Club Volleyball Championships

4065 Sinton Rd., Ste. 200

Colorado Springs, CO 80907-5097


Tournament Roster :

  1. Select “Roster & Forms” link next to the team you just registered in order to complete your Tournament Roster. 

  2. Player are chosen from the available players on your NCVF Season Roster and added to the tournament roster.  If you do not have players on your regular season roster, there will be no players to add to the tournament roster.

  3. Teams are limited to 15 players at the national tournament.   Players cannot be added to the Tournament Roster after the Feb 20 roster deadline.   Make sure you have all players on the roster by that date including any potential players that will be attending in case of injury to primary players. 



2018 Required Player Forms:

  1. Player forms (Medical waiver forms/code of conduct/usav membership) will be completed by online signature and go out to each player via the email in the registration system, so make sure all player email addresses are completed and accurate on the roster.  

  2. The emails will go out after the 02/20/2018 roster deadline when no other players will be allowed to be added to the roster

Enrollment Certification Form:

  1. Team Enrollment/Certification form will be available to be downloaded (on March 1, 2018).  These should be completed and brought with the team captain at check in when you get to St Louis.  Do not MAIL these forms:

  2. To be completed by your University Registrar and brought with you to Check In at Convention Center on April 11 from 4:00-8:00 PM  (available to be downloaded on March 1, 2018).

Hotel/Housing Reservations through Team Travel Source

  1. Housing Reservations through Team Travel Source - Login to the Team Travel Source Housing system and make room reservations at a tournament hotel using the team name and division listed on your entry form.  See Hotel Info tab.


NOTE:  Your entry is not considered complete, and will not be processed until the following is met:

  1. Proper Entry Fee received.

  2. Housing reservations completed through Team Travel Source

  3. All required forms listed below must be completed via Esignature by their established deadline (more information to follow).

  4. USA Volleyball Limited Membership Form & Code of Conduct form - completed and signed by each individual team member via esignature.

  5. NCVF Code of Conduct form - completed and signed by each individual team member via signature.

  6. NCVF Medical Waiver & Release of Liability form - completed and signed by each individual team member via signature.

  7. Player Enrollment Certification Form - To be completed by your University Registrar and brought with you to Check In at Convention Center on April 11 from 4:00-8:00 PM. 


        If you have questions or problems, contact Doug Hinton at