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The National Collegiate Volleyball Federation, Inc. (NCVF) is a non-profit corporation formed in cooperation with volunteer collegiate club volleyball commissioners and representatives from throughout the United States. The primary purpose of this organization is to promote educational and organized competitive playing opportunities for male and female collegiate club volleyball student athletes.  It is the only nationally oriented organization in the United States formed specifically to promote yearlong organized collegiate club volleyball opportunities for men and women.


The NCVF is an independently administered, volunteer-based organization comprised of individuals whose grassroots philanthropic efforts have helped create and expand club leagues and organized playing opportunities for college students across the USA.  It has a board of directors, officers, a student player council and an advisory council comprised of commissioners from all recognized men’s club leagues in the country, and a full cross-section of female club representatives.


These collaborators have acted as an unincorporated advisory organization for many years, helping to grow participation, formulate and promote team and player eligibility rules, oversee event formats, establish sportsmanship protocols, compile results, publish top 25 polls and event seeding, assist in league formation, identify all-tournament award recipients, etc.  Collectively, they have volunteered to perform an array of vital support services for players, teams, clubs, leagues and those who oversee management of regional and national club events, including the national championship tournament.


The incorporation of the NCVF as a non-profit entity represents an important and historic turning point in the growth of contemporary collegiate club volleyball. Solidarity among club constituents will help sustain growth and contain spiraling student costs.  It will encourage sponsorships and discounts, help further standardize event management, support professional coaching and training initiatives, etc.  Organizers are committed to working with student leaders, schools, school officials, interested organizations and individuals throughout the year towards achieving these goals while maintaining the highest ethical and sportsmanship standards.


In sum, the NCVF seeks to sustain the growth of what was once a small club volleyball tournament sponsored by a land grant institution into what has become a national collaboration and celebration of sporting values.  This collaboration has yielded more then just a single revenue-producing national championship event management opportunity – it has produced year-in and year-out synergies and friendships that attract quality commitments and support from thousands of diverse and hard-working student athletes, volunteers, family members, administrators and others.  The NCVF has emerged as the vanguard 21st Century organization whose non-profit purpose is to promote sustained and yearlong opportunities for a very discerning and loyal collegiate club volleyball community.



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