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We are starting to get inquiries about several topics so here are some important updates for the tournament and registration process:


  1. Player Forms via Email  (USA membership, Code of Conduct, Medical Liability)

We are working on the getting these emails sent out around March 13-17.   The team reps will be notified when these go out to the players so you can have them looking for the email from the signature vendor - Hellosign.  The deadline will be communicated based on when they are sent out but currently targeted to be completed by April 1.  . 


Please make sure to go in to the roster and ensure that the email addresses are 100% correct for each player.   Check both the school and personal email address.    Resends to players for incorrect email addresses will incur a fee to us that we may pass on to you to pay.   We will not be following up on the bounced emails to correct them on our end.   You will need to follow up on your status page to make sure the players have received and completed the emails once they go out.


Common bad email mistakes:

1.      “.com” instead of “.edu”

2.      Lots of typos

3.      “,edu” – accidentally hitting “comma” instead of “period”


Enrollment Verification form – This form is now available for you to download and bring with you to Check In in St Louis (do not mail this form).   You can find it on the bottom of your national roster page.  YOUR REGISTRAR must complete this form to be eligible to compete. There is a sample form with instructions that should also be printed for the registrar to follow instructions.  Teams are limited to 15 players and only 15 players will print on this form so if you have more than 15 listed, you must remove players before printing or they will not all print.  See sample attached.

  • Do NOT wait until this form is completed to confirm that your players are registered for the minimum hours required to compete.  Ask them in practice now and don’t let it be a surprise after all travel arrangements have been made.   They must be enrolled with a minimum of 3/4 full-time enrollment (generally 9 units) as an undergraduate student or minimum of six hours/units as a graduate student

  1. Coaches, Trainers, Non-player Bench Personnel must be added to Roster by March 31

You must add all non-player personnel (coaches, trainer, statistician, etc) to your national tournament roster for the tournament.  They will all also receive the required forms to complete via email which will go out on April 1.   They must be listed on your team roster to be able to sit on the team bench.  Coaches must be added to the national tournament roster by March 31.  Nobody under the age of 10 is allowed to be on the team bench. 

  1. Registration Status

You can check your acceptance status on the website at the following link.   If you do not show as ACCEPTED, you are not guaranteed a spot in the tournament.  We do have a few teams on the waitlist, so you MUST address any outstanding issues immediately.

  1. Jersey # Changes

Feb 20 - April 5   $25 -  Changes to existing player information only (numbers, position, height, etc.) via email request only $25.  Players can NOT be added to the roster  You can make the payment online to complete your jersey number change and enter the jersey change in the comments box.  The change will not be completed until the payment is completed.  Please print out your National Tournament Roster and let your team review it in a practice huddle to make sure it is 100% correct and you do not have to pay additional fees.

>>National Tournament Roster

>> Make a Roster Change Payment

>> List player and number change requested.

            Ex.  Jane Doe #6 à #9

  1. Pre Check In Form

There is a link for this form under the national tournament roster.  You need to review/update/complete all of the contact information for two team representatives.   Many teams only have information for one rep.  You will not be able to complete the information regarding hotel room numbers until you arrive and check in but complete everything else ahead of time to receive all of the tournament communications.


Let me know if you have any other questions.


Doug Hinton
NCVF Tournament Director



Doug Hinton

NCVF Championships Tournament Director