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Welcome to the 2018 NCVF Volleyball Season




2018 NCVF National Championship Tournament

The 2018 NCVF National Championship Tournament will be held in St. Louis, Missouri on April 12-14, 2018.  Check-in for the tournament will be on Wednesday, April 11. Tournament registration for eligible teams will open on January 5, 2018.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be a part of the largest intercollegiate volleyball championship tournament in the world!

Watch this website for more information regarding registration for this amazing event!  National Tournament Page.

2018 NCVF Team Registration

All collegiate club teams should register through the NCVF’s registration system by following the instructions on the Team Registration page .  NCVF team registration will be open on November 1, 2017.   NCVF independent teams should process their payment on the NCVF registration system when registering their team.  NCVF recognized league teams will have their NCVF registration dues paid through the league.

2018 Governance Rules, Playing Rules and Team Uniforms

Teams are advised to review the NCVF Governance Rules which describe team and player eligibility, playing rules, minimum competition requirements for entry into the NCVF National Championships and the NCVF Code of Conduct. NCVF Governance Rules can be found on the Governance Rules Page.

Note:  There are no substantial Governance Rule, playing or uniform rule changes for the 2018 season.  Notwithstanding, all teams and players are expected to fully review and be aware of all national and regional (NCVF recognized league, ranking tournament, etc.) participation requirements.

2018 Season Competition Schedules and Event Classifications

NCVF registered teams should check with league commissioners regarding league schedules for the upcoming 2018 NCVF season.  Independent teams seeking to participate in an NCVF classified ranking tournaments should watch this website for the posting of tournament dates, locations and other information.  The NCVF website will also link various NCVF registered team sponsored competitions, as they are received.  All league commissioners and others should review the NCVF event classification (link) information to help ensure that the results of your events receive appropriate an appropriate NCVF classification.  To have your event classified by the NCVF or for more information visit BEST PRACTICES AND EVENT CLASSIFICATIONS

2018 NCVF Top 25 Polls

The NCVF will again sponsor publication of Top 25 polls in Men’s Division 1 and 2 and Women’s Division 1 and 2.  Watch the website for more information.



 Thanks Former NCVF Director Pufahl and Welcome NCVF Director Navar!


The NCVF extends gratitude and best wishes to Anne Pufahl who has retired from the NCVF Board of Directors after a decade of board service.  NCVF President Sante Perrelli says “we are really fortunate to have had Anne serve as an original member of our Board of Directors.  Her contributions, passion, loyalty, candor, networking and love of all things “NCVF” distinguished her as one of our greatest leaders.”   Anne was a NCVF co-founder and a significant force behind the emergence of NCVF women’s opportunities.  She championed several key NCVF guidance pieces that helped standardize collegiate club best practices across the nation, and took initiative to recruit and mentor key NCVF volunteers and supporters.   Anne chaired the NCVF Best Practices Committee, NCVF Women’s Committee, was a member of the NCVF Compliance Committee, NCVF Championship Tournament Committee and of NCVF Finance subcommittees.   Her many contributions to club volleyball has positively impacted the lives and experiences of the entire NCVF club community. 


Following Anne’s departure, Andrea Navar was selected to serve as the latest member of the NCVF Board of Directors.  NCVF President Sante Perrelli says “Andrea has long been a “can do” club volleyball leader and advocate, and we are thrilled to have her bring fresh and up-tempo perspectives to our NCVF leadership team.” Andrea served with Anne Pufahl and Mike Jackson as members of the NCVF Women’s Committee, and has collaborated with collegiate club presidents and leaders across the country in support of NCVF initiatives.   As a former club player, women’s club coach and NCVF committee member, Andrea brings strong yet sensitive skill sets to a key NCVF leadership position.   In addition to her board work, Andrea will chair the NCVF Women’s Committee, continue to serve as a member of the NCVF National Championship Tournament Committee and be a NCVF point person for in-season best practice supports.  The NCVF thanks her for serving and wishes her the very best in her new role. 


Questions formerly directed to Anne Pufahl regarding women’s and best practice issues may be directed to Andrea

Kansas City Rocks!

The 2017 NCVF National Championship Tournament was held in Kansas City on April 12-15, attracting over 440 NCVF collegiate club teams from throughout the USA.   The tournament featured ten divisions of competition with 1,683 individual matches played on 63 courts over a three day span at the Kansas City Convention Center.  This year’s tournament honored the memory and historic contributions of former NCVF Board member and tournament founder, Gary Colberg.

Competition and sportsmanship throughout the event was exceptional.  All divisional champions were honored at an awards ceremony that followed completion of the NCVF Men’s and NCVF Women’s Division I finals.  Championship team awards were presented as follows:

 NCVF Men’s Division I San Diego State University Ohio State University 
 NCVF Men’s Division IAA University of Delaware   Cornell University
 NCVF Men’s Division IAAANorth Dakota State University University of Illinois-Chicago 
 NCVF Men’s Division II  Saint Louis University Messiah College 
 NCVF Men’s Division III  Cal Poly SLO ‘B’ Virginia Tech ‘B’ 
 NCVF Women’s Division IUniversity of San Francisco Ohio State University 
 NCVF Women’s Division IAA  Cal Poly SLO University of Tennessee 
 NCVF Women’s Division IAAA  North Carolina State UniversityOhio University 
 NCVF Women’s Division II Butler University  UW- La Crosse
 NCVF Women’s Division III Ohio State University ‘B’  Michigan State University ‘B’



·            Club league/conference commissioners, event operators, teams and players are reminded that "good faith" compliance with all NCVF Governance Rules is the standard.

·            Club league/commissioners and event operators are reminded to use their best efforts to ensure material compliance with NCVF Governance Rules and standards.  NCVF Governance Rules are published on the NCVF Website.

·            Teams and players are urged to review the NCVF Governance Rules, including but not limited to team (Rule 3) and player (Rule 4) eligibility rules.  Teams and players should check with league/conference commissioners and event operators to determine whether or to what extent their league/conference or events meet NCVF rules and standards.

·            Consistent with NCVF Governance Rule 3.2(f), any league, conference or event competitions that use rules or competition standards that are not in material compliance with NCVF Governance Rules and standards may not be recognized for purposes of satisfying the competition or other requirements for NCVF rankings or entry into the NCVF National Championship Tournament.

·            By registering with the NCVF, teams and players affirm that they will comply with all NCVF Governance Rules and standards.

·            The NCVF retains sole discretion to determine material compliance with all NCVF Governance Rules and standards.


If you have questions or concerns regarding these reminders, contact the NCVF.


NCVF Designated Volleyballs                                         

NCVF Registered Teams and Recognized Leagues are free to use whatever volleyballs they have available for their events during the regular season.  NCVF endorses the use of Molten volleyballs for regular season events.  NCVF Women's Ranking Tournaments have agreed that play will use the Molten Super Touch.


For the NCVF National Tournament, the Men's divisions will change to the Molten V5M5000-3N FLISTATEC® volleyball, Women's divisions will continue using the Molten Super Touch.


Teams wishing to take advantage of special NCVF pricing from Molten distributors will be able to place orders beginning Wednesday, September 18.  The pricing plan is available on all 3 balls:  Men's (V5M5000-3N FLISTATEC® and V58L-3 Pro Touch), and the Women's (IV58L-3 Super Touch).  The price is $37/ball when buying 12 or more balls and includes free shipping.