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2018 NCVF Collegiate Club Volleyball Championships

April 11-14, 2018   St. Louis, Missouri

Wednesday, April 11- Tournament Check-in                                                

 Kansas City Rocks!

The 2017 NCVF National Championship Tournament was held in Kansas City on April 12-15, attracting over 440 NCVF collegiate club teams from throughout the USA.   The tournament featured ten divisions of competition with 1,683 individual matches played on 63 courts over a three day span at the Kansas City Convention Center.  This year’s tournament honored the memory and historic contributions of former NCVF Board member and tournament founder, Gary Colberg.

Competition and sportsmanship throughout the event was exceptional.  All divisional champions were honored at an awards ceremony that followed completion of the NCVF Men’s and NCVF Women’s Division I finals.  Championship team awards were presented as follows:

 NCVF Men’s Division I San Diego State University Ohio State University 
 NCVF Men’s Division IAA University of Delaware   Cornell University
 NCVF Men’s Division IAAANorth Dakota State University University of Illinois-Chicago 
 NCVF Men’s Division II  Saint Louis University Messiah College 
 NCVF Men’s Division III  Cal Poly SLO ‘B’ Virginia Tech ‘B’ 
 NCVF Women’s Division IUniversity of San Francisco Ohio State University 
 NCVF Women’s Division IAA  Cal Poly SLO University of Tennessee 
 NCVF Women’s Division IAAA  North Carolina State UniversityOhio University 
 NCVF Women’s Division II Butler University  UW- La Crosse
 NCVF Women’s Division III Ohio State University ‘B’  Michigan State University ‘B’


Welcome to another great year of NCVF volleyball!


Having had over 700 clubs register with the NCVF last season and over 425 teams participate in the NCVF National Championship Tournament, we are all looking forward to the 2017 NCVF volleyball pre-season and season!  Best of luck to all teams, leagues and club volleyball supports this year!


The NCVF website contains a great deal of information that can help you plan a memorable and exciting club volleyball season.  What follows is helpful information that we encourage all clubs to review and share with key stakeholders that support club volleyball.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



All eligible U.S. collegiate club teams can register for the 2017 NCVF season by following the instructions at Team Registration. Registration opens on October 1, 2016.



Kansas City, Missouri will be the proud host the 2017 NCVF National Championship event on April 13, 14 and 15.   Kansas City has distinguished itself to our student participants and staff as a most accommodating and welcoming venue, with exceptional access from all regions of the country and a centralized tournament venue.  Along with our partner USA Volleyball, we urge all our participants to plan ahead and encourage their families to attend this year’s event.


Registration for the tournament will open in January.  More details can be found on the National Tournament Page.  



NCVF Governance Rules identify player and team eligibility and other standards used by the NCVF, NCVF Recognized Leagues, NCVF recognized ranking tournament operators and others to help ensure a national standard of governance applicable to all NCVF registered teams, including those who participate in the NCVF National Championship Tournament. 

NCVF Governance Rules can be found be found on the Governance Rules Page.



If you are a new or existing collegiate club, we encourage you to establish and maintain exceptional relationships with your school recreational sports or intramural departments.  School staff will assist you to understand and meet your school’s requirements for being a recognized student organization at your school. The NCVF is available to provide one-on-one advice to club leaders on how to become registered with the NCVF and participate in a wide range of NCVF recognized competitions at the local, regional and national level. 


For generic information and advice regarding club best practices, visit the Best Practices Page.



The NCVF collaborates with NCVF Recognized Leagues throughout the USA and provides governance standards in a variety of areas, ranging from Governance Rules, Event Classification and Score Reporting, League and Club Best Practices, Behavior and Sportsmanship and outreach.  League commissioners serve on a number of NCVF committees and help guide our efforts to improve upon organized collegiate club volleyball league opportunities every year.  If you have questions about an existing league, we urge you to contact the league commissioners directly.  A list of contacts is maintained by the NCVF at following links:  


Men’s Leagues  

Women’s Leagues



As a benefit to NCVF teams, the NCVF maintains a ListServ for both women and men that lists various tournaments held by NCVF registered teams and clubs.  More information can be found at:


Women’s List Serve 

Men’s List Serve 


The NCVF Event Classification System is used by the NCVF and others to designate events for purposes of meeting competition-related standards.  Classified competition results are used for the NCVF Top 25 polls, the NCVF National Championship Tournament and for other competition-related purposes.


To have your event classified by the NCVF or for more information visit  BEST PRACTICES AND EVENT CLASSIFICATIONS on the NCVF website.



The NCVF recommends that clubs seek memberships in USA Volleyball through USAV Regional Volleyball Associations(RVA).  RVA's can help you identify a wealth of information and opportunities that can provide local oriented benefits for your club and keep you involved in volleyball long after graduation.  RVA's can be identified at  USA Volleyball Regions.



·            Club league/conference commissioners, event operators, teams and players are reminded that "good faith" compliance with all NCVF Governance Rules is the standard.

·            Club league/commissioners and event operators are reminded to use their best efforts to ensure material compliance with NCVF Governance Rules and standards.  NCVF Governance Rules are published on the NCVF Website.

·            Teams and players are urged to review the NCVF Governance Rules, including but not limited to team (Rule 3) and player (Rule 4) eligibility rules.  Teams and players should check with league/conference commissioners and event operators to determine whether or to what extent their league/conference or events meet NCVF rules and standards.

·            Consistent with NCVF Governance Rule 3.2(f), any league, conference or event competitions that use rules or competition standards that are not in material compliance with NCVF Governance Rules and standards may not be recognized for purposes of satisfying the competition or other requirements for NCVF rankings or entry into the NCVF National Championship Tournament.

·            By registering with the NCVF, teams and players affirm that they will comply with all NCVF Governance Rules and standards.

·            The NCVF retains sole discretion to determine material compliance with all NCVF Governance Rules and standards.


If you have questions or concerns regarding these reminders, contact the NCVF.


NCVF Designated Volleyballs                                         

NCVF Registered Teams and Recognized Leagues are free to use whatever volleyballs they have available for their events during the regular season.  NCVF endorses the use of Molten volleyballs for regular season events.  NCVF Women's Ranking Tournaments have agreed that play will use the Molten Super Touch.


For the NCVF National Tournament, the Men's divisions will change to the Molten V5M5000-3N FLISTATEC® volleyball, Women's divisions will continue using the Molten Super Touch.


Teams wishing to take advantage of special NCVF pricing from Molten distributors will be able to place orders beginning Wednesday, September 18.  The pricing plan is available on all 3 balls:  Men's (V5M5000-3N FLISTATEC® and V58L-3 Pro Touch), and the Women's (IV58L-3 Super Touch).  The price is $37/ball when buying 12 or more balls and includes free shipping.



Gary Colberg, founder of the NCVF National Championship Tournament, died on July 4, 2016. On behalf of the collegiate club volleyball community, the NCVF extends its sincerest condolences to Gary's wife Debby, son Casey, and all those who mourn the passing of such a great man. 


In lieu of flowers, any donations should be sent to the Gary J Colberg Endowment for UC Davis Men's Volleyball Club. Checks payable to UC Regents, and mailed to: UC Davis Men's Volleyball, c/o Andy Ramirez, UC Davis Campus Recreation, 232 ARC, One Shields Ave., Davis, CA 95616.



Louisville, KY (April 12, 2016).   The National Collegiate Volleyball Federation’ (NCVF) championship tournament was held at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center from April 7-9, 2016, drawing 432 NCVF registered men’s and women’s teams from throughout the country.  Championships were contested in 10 divisions.  Event sponsors included Mizuno USA, Molten USA, and Lucky Dog, with divisional final matches taking place in Louisville’s Freedom Hall.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (MIVA/WVC) earned its third consecutive Division 1 title by defeating Penn State (ECVA) in a thrilling three set match in front of over 5,000 spectators.  In women’s Division 1, Ohio State University defeated Michigan State University in straight sets, earning the Buckeye’s their first ever women’s NCVF National Championship title.  For a complete list of tournament champions, results and all-tournament selectees, visit

The NCVF and USA Volleyball collaborate to stage the event, which has grown every year since its inception in 1985.  The NCVF reports that over 7,500 college students registered during the 2016 season and competed in over 15,000 NCVF recognized matches leading up to the Louisville event. 


Sante Perrelli, NCVF President said “we are thrilled with the ongoing growth of collegiate club volleyball, this event and our continued strong relationship with USA Volleyball.”  Perrelli adds, “we extend best wishes to former USA Volleyball Board of Director member and winner of the 2003 Friar award, Gary Colberg.  Gary was the founder of this event and brought many of us to the table to help expand opportunities for every day college students.  We also extend our very best to retiring USA Volleyball CEO Doug Beal and thank him for extending such strong support to our grass-roots efforts.”


The 2017 NCVF National Championships will take place in Kansas City, MO on April 13-15 at the Kansas City Convention Center.

  2017 NCVF National Championship Tournament 




   will be held in Kansas City, Missouri on April 13-15, 2017 - See National Tournament tab for more information