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Important Reminders for 2015:

  • The 2015 NCVF volleyball season is just around the corner!
  • Team Registration Is NOW AVAILABLE   NCVF Membership runs Nov 1 - Oct 31 of the following year.
  • Start planning your season now and watch the NCVF website for updates and more information.
2015 NCVF National Championship Tournament will be held in Kansas City on April 9, 10 and 11, 2015 - See National Tournament tab for more information

NCVF Designated Volleyballs for 2014 and beyond                                         


NCVF Registered Teams and Recognized Leagues are free to use whatever volleyballs they have available for their events during the regular season.  NCVF endorses the use of Molten volleyballs for regular season events.  NCVF Women's Ranking Tournaments have agreed that play will use the Molten Super Touch.


The volleyballs for the 2014 NCVF National Tournament will continue to be:  Men's divisions Molten Pro Touch (V58L-3), Women's divisions Molten Super Touch (IV58L-3).


For the 2015 NCVF National Tournament, the Men's divisions will change to the Molten V5M5000-3N FLISTATEC® volleyball, Women's divisions will continue using the Molten Super Touch.


Teams wishing to take advantage of special NCVF pricing from Molten distributors will be able to place orders beginning Wednesday, September 18.  The pricing plan is available on all 3 balls:  Men's (V5M5000-3N FLISTATEC® and V58L-3 Pro Touch), and the Women's (IV58L-3 Super Touch).  The price is $37/ball when buying 12 or more balls and includes free shipping.




2013-2014 Team Uniform Requirements

We are getting many inquiries on the uniform requirements as teams are ordering for the year.   As a reminder, the requirements are listed below:



a. Uniform numbers must be clearly visible and centered (both horizontally and vertically) on the player’s chest and upper back.

b. Each jersey must use the same color and number height for all players, except the Libero’s jersey, which may have different color and size numbers, provided it still meets the minimum criteria stated in USAV

c. Color combinations such as purple/black, dark green/black, navy/black, white/light yellow or navy/maroon are not distinctive enough to comply with the rules.


USAV The numbers must be a minimum of 10 cm (4”) in height on the chest and a minimum of 15 cm (6”) in height on the back. It is recommended that the numbers be a minimum of 15 cm (6”) in height on the chest and a minimum of 20 cm (8”) on the back


USAV 19.2

a. The Libero player’s jersey must contrast in color with that of the predominant colors of the jerseys of the other team members.  Color combinations such as purple/black, dark green/black, navy/maroon, and white/light yellow are not distinctive enough to comply with the rules.


NOTE: It is recommended now and required beginning Sept. 1, 2014, the Libero shall wear a uniform top that is immediately recognized from all angles as being in clear contrast to and distinct from the other members of the team. The Libero and/or his/her teammates shall wear a solid colored uniform top.

Regarding the solid colored top:

(a). The solid color uniform top shall clearly contrast from the predominant color(s) of the teammates’ uniform top. Predominant color(s) is the color(s) appearing on approximately half of the uniform.

(b). Sleeves shall be the same color as the body of the uniform top.

(c). Piping/trim not exceeding 1 inch in total at its widest point may be placed along the seams and may be a different color(s) than the uniform top.

(d). Lettering and collars may be different color(s) than the uniform top.

(e). Numbers shall be a contrasting color to the uniform top and meet all other specifications in USAV


b. A jacket or bib can only be worn by the redesignated Libero.  If a jacket or bib is worn by the redesignated Libero, the uniform number must still be visible


NOTE:  NCVF makes no restrictions on uniform adornment, such as patches, other than those specified by the USAV Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR).  Adornments with numerals must not make the uniform illegal regarding the uniform number size, position and visibility as specified by the USAV Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR).  Currently the uniform number must be clearly visible and centered (both horizontally and vertically) on both front and back.


NCVF strongly recommends that teams submit any questions regarding the legality of a uniform, combination of uniforms (regular player/Libero), or adornments to the Playing Rules Committee for review and ruling.  Teams should include a photo or artwork along with any questions.




·            Club league/conference commissioners, event operators, teams and players are reminded that "good faith" compliance with all NCVF Governance Rules is the standard.

·            Club league/commissioners and event operators are reminded to use their best efforts to ensure material compliance with NCVF Governance Rules and standards.  NCVF Governance Rules are published on the NCVF Website.

·            Teams and players are urged to review the NCVF Governance Rules, including but not limited to team (Rule 3) and player (Rule 4) eligibility rules.  Teams and players should check with league/conference commissioners and event operators to determine whether or to what extent their league/conference or events meet NCVF rules and standards.

·            Consistent with NCVF Governance Rule 3.2(f), any league, conference or event competitions that use rules or competition standards that are not in material compliance with NCVF Governance Rules and standards may not be recognized for purposes of satisfying the competition or other requirements for NCVF rankings or entry into the NCVF National Championship Tournament.

·            By registering with the NCVF, teams and players affirm that they will comply with all NCVF Governance Rules and standards.

·            The NCVF retains sole discretion to determine material compliance with all NCVF Governance Rules and standards.


If you have questions or concerns regarding these reminders, contact the NCVF.