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NCVF National Tournament

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  2014 NCVF Collegiate ClubVolleyball Championships

April 3-5, 2014   Reno, Nevada

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES REPLAY– The Championship Matches can be seen in their entirety online. REPLAY
2014 All Tournament Team  - View ATT Teams
All ATT teams will be announced and presented at the awards ceremony on championship court after the Men's Division I Finals.  All winners should report to the corner of championship court when announced during the Men's Division I Finals. 
2014 Tournament Schedule -

The Tournament schedule has been finalized.  If you play at 9:00AM, you REF at 8:00AM.  Please check the computers at the results area to confirm your schedule.  The pool sheets in the schedule books are correct but the master grid has errors.


 Online Tournament Schedule & Results

Divisional Splits have been completed by the respective ranking committees.  You can find your teams Divisional placement for the 2014 Volleyball Championships under Registered Teams

EMERGENCY HOTLINE NUMBER - - - - - - READ BELOW BEFORE CALLING THIS NUMBER. Keep us posted on any travel problems that will cause delay to your mandatory team check (i.e. - weather problems delaying flights) by contacting us at Championship Emergency Tournament Hotline Number.

  • Calls for any other reasons than those listed below will not be addressed on this phone.The Emergency Hotline should only be used for the following reasons:
  1. Teams to communicate any URGENT issues with team attendance at the tournament
  2. Teams to communicate any travel delays and issues with arriving for team registration/captains meeting on Wednesday
  3. An EMERGENCY number for parents or school administrators to reach participants for Emergencies Only!
  4. Hotline Number - (775) 544 - 4226

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES LIVE WEBCAST– The Championship Matches will be broadcast live via WEBCAST. For more information or to connect to the Live Webcast

10:30 AM - Women's DIII Gold Bracket     11:45 AM - Men's DIAAA Gold Bracket          1:00 PM - Women' s DII Gold Bracket

  2:15 PM - Men's DIII Gold Bracket              3:30 PM - Women's DIAA Gold Bracket       4:45 PM - Women's DIAA Gold Bracket

  6:00 PM - Men's DII Gold Bracket               7:15 PM - Women's DI Gold Bracket            8:30 PM - Men's DI Gold Bracket

Click the following link to connect to the LIVE WEBCAST : VIEW WEBCAST 

Player Enrollment Verification Form
As a reminder, you must have the “Player Enrollment Verification Form” completed by your registrar.  You must bring this form with you to Reno and provide it at check-in for your team to be able to participate. All players must meet the enrollment eligibility requirements. You and your registrar follow the instructions shown HERE.

You can download the Enrollment Verification on the Tournament Registration website –


>> Nationals Registrations

>> Rosters & Forms

>> Enrollment Verification Form

2014 Road to Reno Tournament Newsletter 

As the NCVF Collegiate Club Volleyball Championship Tournament this newsletter is to help communicate reminders and announcements to prepare you for your trip to Reno, Nevada! Read this NEWSLETTER in its entirety.

2014 NCVF Coach of the Year Award Nominations

The NCVF Coach of the Year Award was developed to recognize outstanding efforts for coaching excellence in collegiate club volleyball. If there is a coach you feel should be considered for the award this year, please fill out the NOMINATION FORM and  send all Men's DI & DII nominations to Nick Collins and all Women's nominations to Mike Jackson.


Action & Team Photos – will be the Official Photographer for the event and will be on hand at the tournament to shoot both team and action photos. You can sign up online now to request photographers at your match by completing the online request form or stop by and signup at the photo booth in the convention center. For action photos, you will be able to request a photographer to shoot your matches and view/purchase prints or full CDs online following the tournament. For team photos, you will be able to setup a time to take a team shot on your schedule. Don't wait - Signup today to request a photographer to shoot your matches! 



Advanced Sales for Bus Passes for all NCVF Teams - 5-Days of Unlimited Rides: $15.00 

Most downtown tournament hotels are located near a Reno RTC Public Transport bus station that teams may want to utilize to ride back and forth to the convention center.   Your transit pass provides easy and inexpensive travel from your hotel to the Convention Center and all around town. Bus passes may be purchased at the Convention Center during the event at the Reno Tahoe Welcome Booth from Wednesday - Friday.   More details...

Registered & Accepted Teams  - .The list of accepted teams in now posted  Registered Teams 
Request Practice Time for Reno - NOW AVAILABLE Teams can now make a request for practice times at the following link.Make Request
New Women’s Division Created for Reno!

The NCVF is proud to announce that the 2014 championships have added a Women’s Division II tournament.  This small school division is available to any institution with an total enrollment of 15,000 or less. Schools with an undergraduate population of more than 15,000 will not be allowed to play in the newly created DII division.   This change replaces the DIAAA division. 


The DI and DIAA will remain taking the top 48 teams in each division. Schools with an undergraduate population may still apply to be placed in DI. Women’s DIII will remain the same allowing “B” teams in to that division.  The NCVF is excited to offer this new National Championship division.  

NOW AVAILABLE - THS Online Room Reservations  - All team hotel reservations must be made through THS reservation system in order to compete in the tournament.     You must enter your team name and team code found in the team code list below when making reservations in order to receive confirmation of housing requirements.  .  

[Full List of Hotels & Descriptions]     [Women's Team Codes]    [Men's Team Codes]



Contact THS Reservations Department - (888-536-8326)

NCVF National Tournament Registration - Online Registration will open for all teams from January 3, 2014 - February 21, 2014

Important reminders for completing Tournament Registration:

  1. All teams MUST COMPLETE HOUSING RESERVATIONS THROUGH THS to be eligible to participate - see above.
  2. Teams must register for NCVF and pay the $50 NCVF team dues prior to registering for the tournament if they wish to receive the NCVF member discount. 
  3. Complete tournament registration through NCVF Registration page -
  4. Payment and Registration invoice from registration page must be received at the USA Volleyball office by the registration deadline - Feb 21, 2014.  It is the   responsible of the team to ensure that the university has sent the payment and it has been received.  You can check status on the registration page.  Teams need to be diligent in following up with the financial offices OR secure payment through other means if the school will not complete the check on time.
  5. All required forms must be printed from the registration page after the tournament roster is finalized, completed and shipped to USA Volleball on or before 02/21/2014.
  6. Enrollment Verification form will be available for download for completion by the registrar on or before Mar 3, 2014. This form must be completed and signed by your university registrar and brought with you to check in at Reno.
  7. Teams should make appropriate travel plans have someone available at tournament check in on April 2 between 4:00-8:00PM in Reno.
  8. Teams should ensure that they abide by all team and player eligibility rules.   Teams and/or players can be disqualified for any violations of these rules.
  9. Teams are responsible for all information in the Tournament Manual and NCVF Governance Rules.

  > Chapter 1  - Quickfacts & Registration

  > Chapter 2  - General Info

  > Chapter 3  - Competition Rules

  > Chapter 4  - Team Player Eligibility

  > Chapter 5  - Hotel, Travel, Tourist Info


Advanced Sales for Bus Passes for all NCVF Teams - Most downtown tournament hotels are located near a Reno RTC Public Transport bus station that teams may want to utilize to ride back and forth to the convention center.  Information will be available soon for pre purchasing passes at team discounts.  More information available soon.


 + Graduation Senior Exception Form - February 16, 2014

 + Internship Exception Form - February 16, 2014

 + General Appeal Form - February 16, 2014

 + Entry Fee Payment -  February 21, 2014  - must be received at the USA Volleyball Office by the deadline 

 + Last Day for Entry Fee Refund - February 21, 2014  (No refunds will be offered after the entry deadline)

 + Player Forms - February 21, 2014- must be received at the USA Volleyball Office by the deadline

 + Last Day to ADD players to roster - February 21, 2014

 + THS Registration - February 21, 2014- must be completed online with confirmation from THS by the deadline

 + Roster ChangesFebruary 23 - March 1 - No Charge - Changes to existing player information (numbers, position,height, etc.) via email request only.

 + Roster Changes - March 1 - April 2 - $25Changes to existing player information (numbers, position,height, etc.) via email request only $25.

 + Roster ChangesAfter April 2 - $50 - Changes to existing player information (numbers, position,height, etc.) at tournament check in..

 + Enrollment Verification Form - Availalable on registration website on or before March 3.  Must be completed by registrar and brought to check in at Reno on April 2.

 + Speed Pass Deadlines and Process - will be emailed out to primary team rep on or before March 1

 + Practice Time SignUp- process will be available on or before March 15.

 + Team Check In - April 2 - 4:00 - 8:00PM at RenoConvention Center - A team rep must be present to check the team in.

 + Captains Meeting - April 2 - 8:15PM at Reno Convention Center - A team rep must be present at the Captain's Meeting

 + Late Entry Fee - after February 22, 2014  - $250 - ONLY If there are any spots available and teams wish to enter after the entry deadline there will be a $250 late fee assessed (teams will not eligible for the highest division of the tournament)


Entry Fee Payment and Forms must be mailed via Fedex or UPS with tracking number to :

USA Volleyball National Office

Re: 2014 Collegiate Club Volleyball Championships

4065 Sinton Rd., Ste. 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80907-5096

 2014 NCVF Volleyball Championships Tournament Manual 

                  NCVF Governance Rules - Team & Player Eligibility


                  Graduating Senior Exception Form - Deadline February 16, 2014

                  Internship Exception Form - Deadline February 16, 2014

                  General Appeal Form - Deadline February 16, 2014

2014 Tournament Entry Fee
                  $  900.00 - Teams that are both NCVF and USAV members

                 $  950.00 - Teams that are NCVF members only

                 $1250.00 - Teams that are Non-NCVF members 

 Practice Time Requests AVAILABLE in March for team to request a practice court on Wednesday, April 2.



  2014 NCVF Collegiate ClubVolleyball Championships

April 3-5, 2014   Reno, Nevada