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NCVF National Tournament

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  2017 NCVF Collegiate ClubVolleyball Championships

April 13-15, 2016   Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Bartle Hall

THS Online Room Reservations  - All team hotel reservations MUST be made through THS reservation system in order to compete in the tournament.     Reservations will OPEN in December for you to book your rooms for nationals.  Go to the Book Hotel tab for more information.  Teams that do not book through the Tournament Housing Service will not be eligible to participate.   

NCVF National Tournament RegistrationOnline Registration will open for all teams from January 5, 2017 – February 19, 2017

Important reminders for completing Tournament Registration:

  1. Teams need to ensure that they have completed all required registration items before the deadline passes. All deadlines are posted on the NCVF National Tournament website and are listed below. The tournament reaches capacity every year and teams will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis for entry registration complete date including “payment received date”. Just because your entry is completed by the deadline does not necessarily mean you will be accepted into the tournament if we reach capacity ahead of the deadline so get you entry competed and paid ASAP.  We do our best to accommodate as many teams as possible and expand divisions when possible but there will be teams waitlisted when the tournament fills.   DO NOT make non-refundable travel reservations until you have confirmed you have been accepted.

  2. All teams MUST COMPLETE HOUSING RESERVATIONS THROUGH THS to be eligible to participate.

  3. Teams must register for NCVF and pay the $50 NCVF team dues prior to registering for the tournament if they wish to receive the NCVF member discount

  4. Complete tournament registration through NCVF Registration page -

  5. Payment and Registration invoice from registration page must be received at the USA Volleyball office by the registration deadline - Feb 19, 2017.  It is the responsible of the team to ensure that the university has sent the payment and it has been received.  You can check status on the registration page.  Teams need to be diligent in following up with the financial offices OR secure payment through other means if the school will not complete the check on time

  6. 2017 Required Player Forms required for all participants will be completed online this year.   More information to follow via email to the team rep on file. 

  7. Player forms will go out to each player via the email in the registration system, so make sure all player email addresses are completed and accurate on the roster.

  8. The emails will go out after the 02/19/2017 roster deadline in March when no other players will be allowed to be added to the roster.  The following forms will be included in the e-signature packet:

a)        Player Medical Waiver Form

b)        NCVF Code of Conduct Form

c)         USAV Limited Membership Form

  1. 2017 Team Forms:

a)        Two team forms will be available to be downloaded (on March 1, 2016).  These should be completed and brought with the team captain at check in when you get to Kansas City.  Do not MAIL these forms:

b)        Player Certification Form:  To be completed by your University Registrar and brought with you to Check In at Kansas City Convention Center on April 12 from 4:00-8:00 PM  (available to be downloaded on March 1, 2017). 

c)         USAV Team Membership Form (Non Players only – coaches, trainers,etc):  To be completed and brought with you to Check In in Kansas City on April 12 from 4:00 – 8:00 PM (available to be downloaded on March 1, 2017). 

10.   Teams should make appropriate travel plans have someone available at tournament check in on April 12 between 4:00-8:00PM in Kansas City and for the Captains Meeting at 8:15PM..

11.   Teams should ensure that they abide by all team and player eligibility rules.   Teams and/or players can be disqualified for any violations of these rules.


Teams are responsible for all information on the Tournament Website and NCVF Governance


Action & Team Photos – will be the Official Photographer for the event and will be on hand at the tournament to shoot both team and action photos. You can sign up online now to request photographers at your match by completing the online request form or stop by and signup at the photo booth in the convention center. For action photos, you will be able to request a photographer to shoot your matches and view/purchase prints or full CDs online following the tournament. For team photos, you will be able to setup a time to take a team shot on your schedule. Don't wait - Signup today to request a photographer to shoot your matches! 

"Oh Say Can You Sing....." 
Once again, play will commence each morning (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) and prior to each championship match with live renditions of the national anthem offered by your fellow teammates and competitors. We will welcome soloists, instrumentalists and groups to sing this year. If you or someone on your team has a talent to sing and is interested in singing the National Anthem, please contact Nick Collins ( ) to sign up for one or more days and times. A meeting will be held after the captains' meeting to confirm all of the singers and their respective dates/times. Singers are requested to arrive at the Championship Desk in the convention center 10 minutes before their scheduled time.
New Women’s Division Continues in Louisville!

The NCVF is proud to announce that the 2016 championships will continue the Women’s Division II tournament.  This small school division is available to any institution with an total enrollment of 15,000 or less. Schools with an undergraduate population of more than 15,000 will not be allowed to play in the newly created DII division.   This will be the 3rd year this division has been offered and has been a popular and well represented division.  The first two winners of the new division were:  2014 -     2015 -


The DI and DIAA will remain taking the top 48 teams in each division. Schools with an undergraduate population may still apply to be placed in DI. Women’s DIII will remain the same allowing “B” teams in to that division.  The NCVF is excited to offer this new National Championship division.  

 2017 NCVF Volleyball Championships Forms

                  NCVF Governance Rules - Team & Player Eligibility

                  NCVF Eligibility Checklist


                  Graduating Senior Exception Form - Deadline February 16, 2017  [send to: Nicholas Toth]

                  Internship Exception Form - Deadline February 16, 2017 [send to: Nicholas Toth]

                  General Appeal Form - Deadline February 16, 2017  [send to: Nicholas Toth]



  2017 NCVF Collegiate Club Volleyball Championships

April 13-15, 2017   Kansas City, Missouri