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                                2015 NCVF RANKING TOURNAMENTS  
                      COMING IN LATE SEPTEMBER           


To list your tournament on the NCVF Webpage simply send all of the info
Please see the Listserv page for instructions on announcing your event on the NCVF Listserv

 DATE                            SCHOOL                            PRICE     CONTACTTYPE
10/04/2014` Washington University St. Louis $150/$125 Aryn Dixon  
 10/04/2014Wisconsin $150/$125 Erin Devine  
10/11/2014 Penn State $150/$125 Natalie Meyer  
10/18/2014 Iowa $150/$125 Alaina Ragusa  
 10/18/2014James Madison $150/$125 Sam & Logan  
 10/18/2014Towson $125/$100Krissy Tretic  
 10/18/2014Miami of Ohio $150/$125 Lauren Olson  
10/18/2014 Pittsburgh  $150/$125Vanessa Trombetta  
10/25/2014 Loyola of Chicago $150/$125 Marina Divine  
 10/25/2014Central Michigan $150/$125 Brooke Friesen  
 10/25/2014North Carolina $150/$125 Taylor White  
 10/25/2014Virginia Tech 175/$125 Katelyn Scheulen  
10/26/2014 Toledo $150/$125 Madison George  
 11/08/2014Tennessee$150/$125  Allison Smith 
 11/08/2014Mary Washington $150/$125 Nina Bowen 
11/08/2014 Towson $125/$100 Krissy Tretic  
 11/08/2014The Ohio State $150/$125 Marissa Radick  
11/08/2014 Illinois $150/$125 Caitlin Ori  
11/15/2014Marquette University$150/$125Anne Pufahl 
 11/15/2014Purdue $150/$125 Katherine Powell  
11/15/2014 UW- La Crosse  $150/$100Laura Neubert  
 11/22/2014Bowling Green State University $150/$100 Emily Treece  
 11/22/2014Missouri $150/$125Julia Myers  
11/22/2014 Dayton  $150/$125Kristina Hoying  
 12/06/2014Iowa State $150/$125 Caitlin Ward  
12/06/2014 Michigan $150/$125 Sarah Romberg  

 This tournament list is provided as a service only and is based on host submissions.  The NCVF classifies listed events based on host submissions and in accord with the general definitions found at
Regardless of how a listing is classified, the NCVF is not endorsing any listed event or making any express or implied representation regarding the quality, safety or any other aspect of a listed event, and, may accept or reject any listing.

The NCVF reserves the right to consider results of any listed events for ranking and seeding purposes, in accord with the event classification definitions described on the NCVF website.   

 1/26/2013Pittsburgh$150/$125Paige Lloyd 
 1/26/2013Northeastern$150 Jung Park  
1/26/2013 Michigan $150/$125 Mary Cheng  
2/02/2013  Cincinnati  $150/$125Alex Schulcz  
 2/02/2013Illinois $150/$125 Annie Logisz  
2/02/2013 UCONN$150 Jung Park  
 2/02/2013Dayton $150/$125 Megan Cugliari 
2/03/2013  New Hampshire $150Jung Park  
2/09/2013 Syracuse $150 Jung Park  
2/09/2013Tennessee$150/$125  Austen Ashworth 
2/10/2013 Fairfield $150  Jung Park 
2/10/2013 UPENN $150 Jung Park 
2/16/2013 Truman State $150/$125 Megan Distler  
2/16/2013 Bloomsburg  $150Jung Park  
 2/17/2013Albany $150 Jung Park  
2/17/2013 West Chester $150 Jung Park  
 2/17/2013Maryland $125/$100 Carrie Allen  
2/23/2013St. Louis  $150/$125  Jeanette Pieper 
 2/23/2013DePaul $150/$125 Corinne Casey  
 2/23/2013Delaware  $150Jung Park  
 2/23/2013Drake $150/$125 Haley Hicks  
 2/23/2013Maryland $125/$100 Carrie Allen  
 2/23/2013UW-Milwaukee  $175/$150 Hannah Wallock  
2/24/2013  Cortland$150 Jung Park  
3/2/2013 Miami (OH)  $150/$125Kelli Axner  
 3/2/2013Rutgers  $150Jung Park  
3/2/2013 Virginia Tech $150/$125 Erin Fitzgerald  
3/2/2013 Loyola (Chicago) $175/$150 Jamie Nelson  
 3/3/2013Montclair State $150 Jung Park  
3/09/2013 Northern Iowa $150/$125 Trisha Hinke  
3/09/2013Minnesota-Twin Cities $150/$125 Michelle Kuker  
 3/9/2013Delaware $150 Jung Park  
3/9/2013 Maryland $125/$100 Carrie Allen  
3/9/2013 Arkansas $150/$125 Angela Haberer  
3/09/2013 Oklahoma State $150/$125  Natalie Sauble 
 3/9/2013Wisconsin $150/$125 Jennifer Walejko  
3/10/2013 UCONN $150 Jung Park  
 3/16/2013West Virginia $150/$125 Lauren Kotula  
3/23/2013 Butler $150/$125 Kathy Zeiger  
 3/24/2013Ohio $150/$125 Zoe Graham  
3/23/2013 Butler $125/$100 Kathy Zeiger  
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